Week 6 SNAP Challenge


Feeding my family on HALF the food stamp allotment-that’s just $2.25 per person, per day.  My budget: $175 a week for a family of 11.

I had $42 left over from last week’s food budget, and $10 left over from last week’s household budget.

99 Ranch Market (Asian market on I-10 and Blalock), $17
I lost the receipt, though, so no net prices.
8 nectarines @ 79¢/lb.
14 pluots @ 79¢ lb.
8 peaches @89¢ lb.
12 oz. organic brown mushrooms, $2.58
2 Chinese Eggplants, 59¢ lb.
Sugar snap peas
Roma tomatoes
Baby Bok Choy @ 39¢ lb.

HEB, food:$130.22
3 boxes Honey Bunches Oats cereal, 18 oz. = $5.76 after coupon
2 boxes Uncle Sam cereal = FREE after coupon
2 boxes organic granola 18 oz., $6.36

6 jars pasta sauce @ $1.89 =$11.34
2 small jars whole wheat couscous = $2.58
1 small jar tri-color couscous = $1.29
6 boxes Barilla whole wheat spaghettini =  $3.87 (BOGO)
2 pkg. tortillas = FREE after coupon

6 quarts pickles @$1.50 after coupon =$9.00
48 oz. canola oil = $2.98
1 L Spectrum sesame oil =$7.62
24 oz. soy sauce =$3.59
Wasabi Sea Weed snacks .58 after coupon
18 oz. natural peanut butter = $2.18
Organic dark chocolate pomegranate chocolate bar $1.79 after coupon
2 lbs. lunchmeat, $ 5.76
1 lb. jalapeno sausage link = $3.48 (for the hubs, conventional and not nitrate free)
1 lb. beef sausage link= $3.99 (for the hubs, conventional and not nitrate free)
24 oz. uncured nitrate free bacon = $7.76
12 oz. chicken pieces = FREE with coupon
8 1/2  lbs. natural boneless pork chops =$24.99

1 qt. organic yogurt, $2.98
5 doz. cage free organic eggs @1.74/doz. = $8.70
16 oz. shredded cheese, FREE with coupon
24 oz. Kraft American cheese slices, FREE with coupon

1 red bell pepper .88
10 pears $3.20
5 lbs. organic carrots, $3.99
1 pkg. organic celery, $1.57
16 oz. organic salad mix $3.98 after coupon
Raspberry vinaigrette FREE after coupon

HEB, household goods: $35.35
12 rolls TP $7.49
7  bottles dish soap @ .89 = $6.23 (HEB has the cheapest price, 3.7 cents/oz.)
2 bars Zote laundry soap, 14 oz. = $1.98
100 ct. paper plate, $3.96 (for our food storage)
2 boxes gallon freezer bags 15 ct. = $3.00
Washing soda, $2.99
Borax, $2.99
Cascade dishwasher detergent, $4.54
cat food $2.17 (Friskies on the clearance rack, win!)

Also I bought a booster seat for Julia, but that’s not part of my household budget.

Dollar Tree: $17
6 loaves Nature’s Own double fiber bread $6
4 jars strawberry jam, 13 oz. $4
2 jars roasted red peppers, $2
1 pkg Minees cookies (food storage) $1
4 large cans peaches 29 oz. $4

3 gallons milk, $8.97

I spent $173.19 on food this week, so I now have a $44 overage to carry forward.  I’m even on the household goods, since I spend $15 or so last week and $35 this week.

What we’re eating:

1. Pork LoMein with bok choy and mushrooms

2. Burrito bar- beans, rice, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, salsa, etc.

3. Spaghetti with sausage

4. Green chile pork with black beans

5. Eggplant and tomato couscous (planning to make this like ratatouille, but with couscous and ground beef added.)

6. Egg Foo Young (kids loved it!)

7. Dal

On Saturday I’m going to see Paula Deen cook, and it seems kind of…wrong… to come home and have lentils, but I’ll be gone all day and it’s easy and cheap to cook up.  And the kids (mostly) like it.  It’s a very rare recipe that everyone in the family loves, so if I find one that most people love and no one hates it’s a keeper.

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  • Wenchypoo September 14, 2011, 7:50 am

    Hey Mama! I found another challenge-NOT for you: http://www2.timesdispatch.com/lifestyles/2011/sep/14/tdfood05-practical-nutrition-take-it-slow-and-gain-ar-1307057/

    The $5/meal Slow Food Challenge. I’d enter, but all my eating’s done Paleo-style now, since I’m allergic to grains, beans, and dairy. I’m NOT going to dig out my Food Stamp Challenge cheat sheet again until next year’s challenge, but I thought there’d be a chance for you to spread the knowledge wealth around.

    I might try to come up with a Paleo recipe, but it would rely on cheap food SOURCES (like gardening) rather than cheap foods themselves.

  • Katy September 15, 2011, 11:22 am

    100% off-topic. I was in Hobby Lobby yesterday picking up something and looked over to see a calendar titled “Mama Says”. My brain immediately came here.

  • Milehimama September 15, 2011, 12:16 pm

    LOL Katy,
    My mom bought me that calendar because it made her think of me too!


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