Happy New Year 2014!

I like the new trend of picking a word for the year instead of making resolutions.

I have two words for 2014, one to work on with the family through the year and one for my self.





We had a family meeting last night about kind words and not fighting (and not annoying each other on purpose. Or teasing. Or scaring the little kids at night because it’s funny.)  The children were threatened with dire punishment for being unkind.  I am not above making them scrub baseboards.  Goodness knows we could use a little more scrubbing and a little less squabbling around here!

We’ll be working the whole year to cultivate kindness.  I think it will be a rough road but will turn out well.

To help me “do”, I’m going to start with learning Evernote- I mean, really learning it.

I love Evernote and use it a lot.  I can sync across platforms- laptop, phone, tablet- easily.  I can clip and bookmark items from the web and tag them, I can share my notes with friends, colleagues, or other bloggers, and I love that I can find my notes so easily.

I tell everyone who asks me that they have to get Evernote, and then I am embarrassingly bad at using it.  I don’t know how to do anything really except make new notes, put them in notebooks, and search for them later.

One of my bad habits is that I never learn to do things properly- I get impatient and learn it “just enough” to use it.  I’m not really one to read the manual from front to back.

So my first thing to do this year is learn how to use Evernote.  There are lots of books and ebooks, but I’m going to start with a few YouTube videos.  I have another bad habit of buying ebooks and never reading them.  I just like the feel of a real book!  If I’m reading online I prefer shorter bite-sized articles.

What’s your Word for the Year?

I love comments. Tell me what you think!

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