Dinner and Wine for $20 – FREE!

Dinner and Wine for $20 or Less

My friends Erin Chase, the $5 Dinner Mom, and Amy Gross, VineSleuth, have written an ebook together and they are giving it away free today!

In the book you’ll find 19 dinners for four under $5 plus great wines to pair them with.  I’m a terrible Catholic- I know nothing about wine :) and this looks like a handy guide to help people find great wines to go with dinner (and for company coming over too!)

And did I mention- FREE?

My friend is a wine expert and she wrote an ebook- and is giving it away FREE TODAY! Go download!

I love comments. Tell me what you think!

  • Nicki Woo February 19, 2013, 2:41 pm

    Just wanted to say Hi! . … ..HI:)

  • Yvonne February 22, 2013, 11:28 am

    Enjoying your blog! Had your detergent recipe bookmarked and finally took some time to look around. Funniest thing. I read your family size and thought “wow! Thats a big family!” – uh! Then my sleep deprived
    mom brain turned on. I have 8 kids! Ha! I guess when you have a big family it stops being shocking until you see it in writing. ;)


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